Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Trees they spoke

For Stu & Lynley’s Babe

“Sing sweetly, sing sweetly, sing sweetly o little one” the willowy trees whispered low over the newborn babe.

“Sing softly, sing still, sing for your king” they crooned. Those trees beside the water, beneath the inky sky. They lifted their voices beneath the dancing stars; who winked and twinkled at the sleepy babe.

The glittering night, alive, arose with song as the babe slipped onto the stage of this world.

The voice of the river rose to speak; “Move softly. Move powerfully. Move like water through water. Strong and certain, velvet gentle.”

“Move often, move careful, move beyond what can be seen…”

Then the stars bent low to add their theme:
“Open your eyes to dream the dream… and to see the scene… that cannot be believed.”

The stellar sky winked and dimpled the baby’s face with light. Again she spoke:

“Dream, dreamer, dream. See, seer, see. Believe, believer, believe. What you can see must be believed – it is the final scene.”

The moon was full. The stars were bright.
And sky was singing through that night.
The trees they spoke. The waters too.
The stars bent down.
Because of you.

Because of you.

Because of you.


Anonymous Laura Wildgoose said...

Adele, that is so beautiful, powerful, amazing!!! Keep writing, you are fabulous!!!

I'm so excited to see what happens!

Love Laura xx

2:54 AM  
Blogger JP said...

When I read your writings it reminds me of finishing a favorite story. I have that feeling of slight sadness that I must leave for reality

6:02 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

wow - it's like a beautiful song - You are so talented!

3:45 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

ohmigosh i totally have goosepimples. totally. and now i'm all misty eyed. wow adele.

9:50 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...


would you find an illustrator and freaking publish already?


6:45 AM  

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