Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Pea.

She liked her name. It was a happy name.

Her dad called her name all day long, “Pea….little sweetpea, come and see me you little sweetpea.”

He would wander in the long corridors of their gigantic house calling her name. He would open every door and call for her, “Little pea…sweetpea, come and let me see you, little sweetpea.” Then he would wander in the courtyards and walk around the fountains, all the time calling her name, “Sweet Pea, be my sweet pea, come and talk to me!” His voice was warm and low like black treacle.

Then he would search high and low in the stables, in amongst the horses. All the time calling out her name. “Sweet pea, my sweetest pea, come and say hello to me,”

He moved on to the gardens in his quest to find his happy little pea. He hunted in the herb garden. He searched the flower beds. The rose garden. He walked under the trees where the bluebells idled. All the time calling out for his favourite little Pea, “Pea, sweet pea come and sit with me. Where are you hiding my sweetest little pea?”

Finally he entered into the last place in the garden; the maze. “Come little Pea, come to me, my sweetest of all sweetpeas,” He went around every corner with a huge smile on his face, expectant.

Little Pea meanwhile was wondering where her father was. Her happy father who gave her her happy name. She started to wander through the corridors of the gigantic house looking for him. “Daddy, daddy don’t you hide from me. Where are you hiding from your sweet little Pea?”

Her father’s spicy scent lingered in the air but she couldn’t find him in any of the rooms. She wasn’t quite as thorough as her father and she didn’t check absolutely every room, nor every corridor.

She ran out to the courtyards, and she could smell him there too. But where was he? She called out in her tiny little voice: “Daddy, daddy where are you? It’s me your little Pea…don’t you hide from me!” It rang like a small silver bell.

She couldn’t see him anywhere. She didn’t check absolutely every courtyard. And she forgot about the stables altogether. She skipped out into the gardens. She was sure that she would find him there.

Again, his musky scent was in the air, but he wasn’t by the flowerbeds and he wasn’t in the woods. She couldn’t smell him above the mint and coriander in the herb garden.

“Oh daddy!” she stamped her little foot. “How dare you hide from me? I’m your little pea and you should NEVER hide from me.” She thrust out her bottom lip.

“I’m never going to look for him again,” she announced to the blue, blue sky and the green, green grass. “In fact I’m going to hide so that he can never find me again. Then he’ll be sorry!”

The thought of this revenge quite cheered her up. “Now where is the best place to hide?” she wondered. “The Maze!” she giggled. “He’ll never ever ever think of looking for me there! Ha!”

She ran as fast as she could into the maze. She kept her head down so she couldn’t even see where she was running. She wanted to get so lost that he would never ever be able to find her. That would show him.

She ran and ran, turning left and turning right, and turning right and turning left until she was totally lost and out of breath. She ran straight into a dead end and collapsed there very red in the face! “There!” she said. “Now I’m lost. Serves him right. Nasty daddy, leaving me all alone.”

She lay on her back and looked up at the blue blue sky.

She turned on her side and stared at the spiky hedge wall.

She lay on her tummy and looked at the green, green grass.

Then she sat up. “I want my daddy!” she said and burst into tears.

“And now he can’t find me, never, ever because I was so clever and hid in such a good place. Oh why did I do that?” and she started to wail.

“Waaaaaah Daddy wh-wh-where are you? Waaaaaaahhh wh-wh-where is my Daddy?”

Just then she caught a waft of his spicy smell. She leapt to her feet, “He’s here…he’s somewhere around here…” she gasped.

She started running, but she was in such a panic that her feet couldn’t decide which direction to go in. She ran up a bit and then down a bit. She tripped and scratched herself on the hedge wall of the maze. She got up and ran to the end wall and then fell again, grazing both her knees. She was about to start sobbing in sheer frustration when she heard something on the breeze.

“Little Pea, won’t you come play with me? Where’s my sweetest little sweet sweetpea?”

It was her father. And he was looking for her.

“Daddy!” she shouted, “Daddy I’m here!”

He came around the nearest corner and stood in front of her, smiling all over his face.
“Well there you are my little pea – I’ve been looking for you all day! What fun I’ve been having looking for you!” He knelt down and held open his arms.

She flung herself into his chest.

Crying just a little she said, “Oh but Daddy I’ve been looking for you and it hasn’t been fun at all. I got scared that I would never find you again!”

She missed out the part about hiding from him. But it was alright because he’d guessed that bit anyway.

“Oh my happy little pea! Don’t you know that I am always looking for you…and so even if you found the best hiding place in all the world. I would still find you. Because I’m very, very good at finding you. Much better than you are at finding me!” He laughed and catching her under the arms stood to his feet and swung her round and round and round till she was the happiest, dizziest girl in all the world.

She smiled and smiled and smiled till her face hurt. Then she laughed and laughed and laughed until her ribs hurt. He gently placed her on the ground.

She looked up into his eyes and saw her tiny, happy little reflection in his eyes. “Oh Daddy, now I know that you’re always finding me. I’m a happy little Pea.”

“You’re my happy little Pea,” he tousled her hair, “and that’s just the way I dreamed it would be. Come on let’s go for a walk together.”

He took her tiny little hand in his and led her straight out of the maze.


Blogger s@bd said...

i'm crying now.
thanks for that one. i love it.

and you need to find someone to illustrate it and put it into a book so i can read it to my children at night.

3:29 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

I love it - that's so amazing!

3:51 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

WOW. That was beautiful! I feel very warm and fuzzy after reading that. I suddenly want some quality Dad and Sarah time. Thank you for sharing these, I'm already a huge fan of YOUR blog! Thank you for the inspiration, and for the comment on my blog. Also, I'm feeling much better. Stayed home from work today just to make sure though. =)

7:35 AM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

snivel...I like that one AUntie Adele :0) Keep writing, your blog is my favourite reading place :0)
Huggle G

12:57 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

dang dang dang. that was rad. (rad is the highest compliment.)

9:41 AM  

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