Thursday, January 12, 2006

The kangaroo who lost his bounce

"Boing....!" "Bounce...!" "Wahey...!"

The kangaroo tried to throw himself into the air through sheer force of personality.

"Think positive," he told himself, "Focus on the result....Picture myself leaping in the air...That's it, here I go....BOING!"

For a moment he thought he might have lifted a milimetre off the floor. But no, he was just as firmly glued to it as he had been for the past 3 weeks.

Darn it, that 2 day course in the city on Positive Thinking - 'Change your mind, Change your life', had been a complete waste of money. And he'd left his briefcase on the train on the way back.

His narrow shoulders rose and fall with a deep sigh.

No matter how hard he tried there was nothing doing. No loft, no elevation, no propulsion, no va va voom.

"I'm da da doomed," he said, "Whoever heard of a kangaroo who lost his bounce? I'm ridiculous."

"Yeah you are a bit," said the mouse, "But let's face it, you're just a grown-up mouse and mice, well..." he puffed out his chest with pride, "Mice were never meant to bounce."

The kangaroo was flabbergasted.

"I'm flabbergasted," he said. (Kangaroos are well known for speaking their minds.)

"Not only am I being addressed by a mouse - which is clearly without the bounds of all etiquette." he continued. "But this mouse, seems to be implying that to not to be able to bounce is a good thing, and EVEN," (he was getting really worked up now), "and EVEN to suggest that the mouse is superior in this respect to the kangaroo." He pulled himself up to his full (and considerable) height...
" And since when has 'scurrying' and eating cheese placed you at the top of the evolutionary ladder?"

The mouse was unfazed. (Mice are well known for being unfazed).
He replied, "For a start there's no such thing as evolution, everybody knows that. And second of all, what's so great about bouncing?"

(Mice are as brave as they are small. By which I mean they are very small and very brave. Especially when confronting self-preoccupied, verging-on-the-pretentious, secretly insecure marsupials).

The kangaroo was even more flabbergasted.

"I'm even more flabbergasted," he said. "I have to agree with you on the first point. Everyone knows evolution is a ridiculous scam, but your complete indifference to the art of bouncing is...well, frankly I find it terrifying."

"Hmmm," the mouse nodded his head, "so kangaroos are terrified of mice...we'd always suspected it, only no-one ever lets US do lab experiments."

The kangaroo was banging his foot up and down on the ground in irritation. "You know what I meant, don't be disingenuous."

"You can't impress me with your overinflated vocabulary." The mouse was defiant.

The kangaroo deflated. "That's all I've got left now that I've lost my bounce...."

"And what exactly is so great about bouncing?" the mouse's enquiry was genuine.

The kangaroo looked into the middle distance, perturbed. Brushing aside the thought 'where does the middle distance begin and end?' he focused on the question of bouncing.

"Look the bottom line is, I'm a kangaroo. I bounce. That's what kangaroos do. And if I don't bounce where does that leave me? Can I even truly call myself a kangaroo...without the boing boing boing?"

The mouse took a very small pair of half-moon glasses out his breast pocket and balanced them on his nose. With his paws together, tip to tip, he considered the kangaroo with compassion. And mice are not well known for their compassion. He waited till he had really good eye contact with the kangaroo before he said, what he said. Which was this:

"Seems to me like this is really a question of identity. For some time you've been doubting that you're in the right place doing the right thing. But if you change career, that raises fear issues. Everyone you know - does the same thing in the same way. And you're at a crossroads wondering if the pain of changing is greater than the pain of staying the same. But of course this is only happening at a subconscious level, and so to reflect the inner conflict, you have temporarily lost your bounce. This is actually your body giving you a helpful clue that all is not well within you. The question is, do you have confidence in who you are if you aren't the same as everyone else around you? Or is the pressure to conform going to cripple you with fear and self-doubt?"
The mouse took his glasses off and dangling them in one paw.

The kangaroo swallowed, "I'm..."

"... flabbergasted, yes I know" the mouse interjected with a hint of a twinkle in his eye. "Look, don't worry, you'll get your bounce back as soon as you realise you don't need it, to define you."

"Er, right, yep." the kangaroo's body language was humble."Thanks, I'll, er, bear that in mind."

And off he walked into the middle distance, not even worried about his bounce. "Can't believe I waste all that money on positive thinking courses and analysts...when I should just talk to the nearest mouse.." He was more comfortable talking to himself than normal, but then he had a lot on his mind.

The mouse watched him for a while. He smiled and shook his head, "Those kangaroos....they're just messed-up mice." He laughed. "They'd make cute pets though. I like the way they bounce....."


Blogger A.J. said...

Wow I really like this one! Totally awesome babe!

11:43 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Flabbergasted - this has me flabbergasted, I L.O.V.E love it dellerama!
It actually is very poignient to where I am currently at. hummm.
DO you know that aprt from the wonderfullness of marrying the man of my dreams, the story you wrote and read for us at the wedding was one of the top highlights of the day. i am sure to be one of your biggest fans......I will now have another fabulous addiction...reading your fable blog. Truely talented, truely brillliant - lad to hear that yoou're still rock'in out the creative writing -

5:04 PM  

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