Thursday, January 19, 2006

In this place that I live.

In this place that I live, I am neither up nor down. Neither up town or down town. But just about around town.

You see this place that I live is not like the place that you live, nor the place that you love. I love it not neither.

Because in this place, how you feel is more closely related to where you live than you could ever conceive.

I know in your world that people are supposed to feel happier if they live by the sea. Or a great big lake. Or have a nice view of a mountain or two. And that if you live in a slum you should definitely feel glum.

But does it really work like that? Or is that just a conspiracy spread by some. Estate Agents. Because in your world the geography influences your mood, but does not dictate it.

Wish that I could say the same for this place. This place that I am in.

For you see that here it is the most desperate issue where you live. For only those in high places can ever feel high. And those who live down town are condemned to feel always down. Let me put it another way. If you live low, you feel low.

Your emotions are so totally tied to your low living abode that you might as well be tied to it. With a rope about your neck. Like a goat.

And as you can imagine the property prices for the places that are high. Well.
To feel high all the time. High on the hill. While the lonely goat is down town. That is worth paying through your happy little nose for.

Money literally can buy happiness. Or at least, high-ness, which is a right royal joy, for the main. A royal highness.

So that is that. In this place we are predictable. Our postcode will tell you how we feel about life. The wife. The usual strife.

As for me, I live neither uptown nor downtown. Just about around town. So that is a middle of the road kind of state of being. I live in Bla-ville. Ho Hum Hamlet.

It’s ok.

I think on the whole, and I can think because I am not permanently high (a downside of the upside)..that I would rather live at your place. By the sea or in a slum. At least I would be able to choose how I feel. Here I am just a victim of town planning.

Of course if I made enough money I might be able to buy a place on one of the peaks. On one of the postage stamp sized pieces of land that is left. But because I live Ho Hum, I am not motivated to elevate my social and emotional status. So I am stuck.

Yes, on the whole, I’d much rather your place than mine.

Your place looks just fine.


Anonymous krista said...

i keep coming here. awaiting new stories for me to ponder, laugh with, giggle with peace, and listen to. (don't ask how you can do that while reading, but you can.)

and yet the silence from the fabulist has been deafening. clamour. clamour.!!! can you hear your public?

4:06 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

WOW love this story I am a girl that travels round and have frequently thought that I could buy myself into the happy side of town. Then realise that actually where there's muck there's brass and right here is more than ok.

Wish I could buy a friend who's living in upside down land and bring her here.

Heigh Hoo.

2:32 AM  

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