Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Carousel

"Round and round, round and round I go," sighed melancholy Carol the Carousel.
"Everyone thinks it's so jolly to be me. Lots of lovely coloured horses, laughing children etcetera. No-one ever thinks about the down sides. The sticky ice creams that get dropped on me. And my back - it kills from giving all those rides. But the worst thing is that I never GO anywhere."
He sighed heavily, causing the horses to wobble slightly on their poles.
"Round and round I go," his machinery creaked as he kept on turning.

The horses perked up their painted ears. "What's wrong with old misery guts?" Prancer asked.
"I guess he feels like he never goes anywhere," replied Nellie.
"What's that?" asked Lancelot, - he was the oldest horse and his hearing wasn't too good owing to the fact that one of his ears got pulled off by a rather hefty 10 year old back in 1972.
"Well neither do we!" Jessica and flung back her wooden mane with a tempestuous toss. She thought of herself as dramatic.

Bubbly Becks piped up. She always had something positive to say. "Yes we do! We DO go somewhere. We go up and down!"
They all groaned. Sometimes Becks being cheerful was enough to send them all into a downwards spiral.
"Well what are we going to do about it, chaps?" Beanie used to be in the army and had retained his posh English accent. He'd tried to hang on to his moustache as well. But the circus people kept painting over it, saying that a horse couldn't have a moustache.
"If we're all in the mood to really GO somewhere, let's do it," Beanie had a brisk but hopeful way about him that was more inspiring than Bubbly Becks 'Babbling attempts at Boosts.
Still there was a lot of cynicism in the ranks, and sniggers. As if carousel horses could really go anywhere.

"I nearly went to Hollywood," Jessica said, "I was spotted by a talent scout you know. He was very taken with the pink roses on my haunches....
That raised another groan.
"Jess do stop with that old story, we've heard it a million times," Beanie said with remarkable self-restraint. In contrast Roger the horse on the closest pole to her was actually trying to kick her. An impossible feat because of how the poles were placed, but it showed just how fed up with the story he was.

"Look let's all put our heads together and see what we can come up with. We'd be doing old Carol a favour and ourselves..." Beanie took charge.

There was silence as 24 wooden horses put their wooden heads together. For all that their thoughts were remarkably woolly.

"Right," said Beanie, "What have we got then?"
The horses shuffled their feet and looked away.
"Nobody got any ideas?" Beanie's face fell.
Jessica cleared her throat, "Well about the Hollywood thing," The groans drowned her out, and the roses on her haunch blushed that bit pinker.
She persevered, "Look someone in Hollywood must want a carousel. With all the films they make....and we are a very pretty carousel..." she tailed off with a faux flick of her extra long tail.
Nobody actually wanted to admit it. But Jessica had actually made quite a good point.

Beanie was the first to speak. He cleared his throat in an especially official manner before he did, playing for time while he re-considered what he was about to say. A trick he'd learned on army manoeuvres in the Sudan.
"What do you think troops? The starlet has a good point," he looked around noting those horses keeping good eye contact and which of the ponies were sniggering in the back.
"And I for one have always wanted to go to Hollywood. Been a bit of a dream of mine, actually. To be in the movies."

A very careful equine would have seen he was a little bit embarrassed to admit that. But he brazened it out. 'Chest out, chin up' he thought to himself.
A ripple of cautious excitement went through the ranks. Although they'd mocked Jessica's movie star airs and graces, it had secretly struck a chord with a lot of them. But it was more than they could dare to dream....and how could it even happen anyway? They were firmly tied to the ground, the carousel couldn't go anywhere - as he so often groaned.

"Is everybody with us?" Beanie asked with a glint in his painted eye. "Because we're in this together folks. We can't leave a man behind. Not unless we give him or her the chop. And that's not an option. I'm not prepared to hurt anyone just because they don't want to come with us. Speak up. Anyone who doesn't want to come?"

He looked around deliberately slowly, noting that even the snickerers at the back had quieted down. They were all with him.
"Good," he said.
"Wait!" It was Jessica. "I'm not sure I want to go...." she hung her head.
"What? You of all people, why wouldn't you go? You've talked about it for so long..." Beanie was shocked. She was the last person he thought would get four cold feet.
"That's just it. It's been my dream. But a safe dream, because it was always a faint possibility. I could just stay here and think of what could be," Jessica's voice had lost its brashness. "If I try and fail...then I can't even hold onto my dream anymore."
Quietly she added, "I'm afraid."

The carousel beneath it's gaudy music and colours, was quiet too. It had cost a lot to Jess to admit that to them, and especially to herself. Carousel horses have a strong respect for honesty and they gave it the silence it deserved. That was their way of making room for the feelings of wooden hearts.

At last Beanie spoke, "Jess, it's up to you. You decide whether we all pursue your dream. Or whether we all stay here and go on as usual . Wondering about what might have been."

Not for the first time, Jessica wished she had a delicate lace hanky with which to dab the tear of paint that was rolling down her shapely nose. 'No, it's no good wishing for what cannot be,' she said to herself, 'But it is worth trying for something that just might be....'

"Let's do it!" she burst out! Let's chase my dream...."

And a whinney of Hurrahs went up around the carousel.

"But how are we going to do that?" Prancer was quick to get down to practicalities. "Chase the dream!...all we do is chase each other round this carousel!"

Beanie smiled to himself. He'd been looking forward to this part. "It's not as hard as you might think. How did they move us here in the first place? They have massive trailers - big enough to carry our carousel."

"All the way to Hollywood?" asked Becks

"Oh yes, if you know the right people you can get anywhere. And I just happen to have a few contacts in large vehicles...from my army days."

"Your army days old chap? what exactly did happen in Sudan?" old Lancelot asked.

"I'll tell you on the way," Beanie grinned. "This carousel is moving on!"

"Thank goodness!" groaned Carol the Carousel who'd been listening in all the time."Now tell me, by any chance is ice cream illegal in Hollywood? And sticky fingers....and small children...."


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Wow again. This stuff is amazing and thought provoking as well... hmmm very tricky!

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got me again, you're on my page, perhoas you should allow Lynley to use this for her Life coaching - goshem! I'm collywalloped!

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